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Laser Cutting :

CNC LASER CUTTING.jpgThe latest laser cutting technology ensures speed, accuracy and repeatability. Dedicated laser part marking cell offers a unique level of part etching detail.

1】Prima 4000kw 3D cutting ;

2】Bystronic 3015kw 3-Axis Laser with sheet material handling system .


The principle of laser cutting :

Laser cutting is a laser beam emitted by the laser by the 45 °total reflection mirror into a vertical downward laser beam, after focusing by the lens, at the focal point into a very small spot, at the spot at the focal point of the laser power density Up to 10 ^ 6 ~ 10 ^ 9W / cm ^ 2.

The material is quickly heated to the vaporization temperature by the high power density laser beam, and the pores are formed by evaporation. As the beam moves on the material, the pores are formed in a narrow width (about 0.1 mm) Complete the cutting of the material.

Laser cutting is the use of focused high-power laser beam irradiation of the workpiece, so that the material is rapidly melting, vaporization, ablation or reach the ignition point, while the beam with the beam coaxial high-speed air blown molten material, in order to achieve the workpiece cut open. Laser cutting is one of the thermal cutting methods. The principle of laser cutting is shown below.

1】Classification of laser cutting :                                 2】The characteristics of laser cutting :

⑴  Vaporization cutting;                                                   ⑴ Cutting quality is good;

⑵ Melt cutting;                                                                 ⑵ Cutting efficiency is high;

⑶ Oxygen cutting;                                                            ⑶ High cutting speed;

 Dicing with control rupture.                                           ⑷ Non-contact cutting;

                                                                                            ⑸ More types of cutting materials.

NCT Punching  :

NCT PUNCHING.jpgFinland Finn-Power ESx NCT punching machine       1set

Finland Finn-Power E5  NCT punching machine       2sets 

Equipment control accuracy : 0.01mm ;

Product processing accuracy : within 0.1mm ;

Board processing length and width : 1250 x 2500 mm ;

Soft steel plate thickness : 0.6 - 4.0 mm ;

Stainless steel thickness : 0.6 - 3.0 mm ;

Can punching round hole , square hole , irregular hole and others different shapes ;

Can do working as : extrude , extrudsion , punching , waxing , lettering , convex hull and point pressing , grab forming , neck , stiffener , fracture and so on .

CNC Bending :

CNC BENDING.jpgNetherlands SAFAN E-brake CNC Bending Machine (4.5M)  

description : Both sides on Y axis of savannah bending machine are inspected by liner encoder whose locating positions are accurate.There are springs on both sides of top bar to make sure the top bar is on safe rebounding position.Descent speed:75mm/s,processing speed:1-20mm/s,return speed:75mm/s,top bar lower dead point repeated accuracy(Y1&Y2):_+0.01mm,top bar slope(Y1&Y2):Y2_+2.50mm.

Feature :

1).Top bar moves servo motor type bending machine,frame structure is ofstrong rigidity;]

2).Main parts operate independently to ensure maxmum accuracy;

3)Y axis can lean to right and left to compensate for mold loss;

4).High reliability and accuracy.


Switzerland Bystronic CNC bending Machine(3.5 M)     

  •  description :  The combination of bending art and technology :CNC bending machine Xcel uses hydraulic deflection compensation system,excellent high-set positioning,bending,very fast circiutous speed .Fast descent speed:140mm/s ;constant pressure descent speed :10mm/s ;ascend speed :115mm/s ;liner model makes a lasting impression.

  • Feature : Excellent quality ;Easy and simple operation ;Well-designed ;Higher efficiency .

Japan TOYO CNC Bending Machine APB-3619Wm (2.0M) 

  • description :  Working pressure :30T,equipment contorl accuracy :0.01mm ,product processing accuracy :within 0.2mm ,board processing length range :2.0M ,plat thickness :within 3.0mm ,length and width range :1250 X 2500mm .

    Feature :

    1) . Plate thickness detection function;

  • 2).Bending angle right and left compensating dunction;3)
    3).Automatic calculation functions of delflection adjustment;4).Mold size test function;5).Pure electronic type for easy maintenance.

CNC Machining :


CNC Machining machines (650 / 850 / 1050 ) ;

CNC Turning machines ;

CNC Specsular machines ;

CNC Engraving machines .







Stamping 、Forming and Press working :

Welding :

welding.jpg1】A comprehensive range of welding and sheet metal work equipment is available at PSM. Our highly experienced and skilled workforce turns concept into reality, using traditional techniques alongside state of the art technology.

2】Our highly skilled team of sheet metal workers has the expertise to carry out the most complex tasks, either at PSM or at our customers facilities.

3】MIG, TIG, Gas, Arc Welding:

Projection Welding Machines;

Portable Spot Welding Guns;

Aluminium Spot Welders;

Rivnut guns;

Self Clinch Machine;

SPR Guns;

Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding Guns.

4】Comprehensive Sheet Metal Work Equipment

Surface Atreatmentting :
Surface treatmentting.jpg

1】electroplating :

Zinc plating、Nickel plating、Chrome plating、Copper coated、Electroless nickel plating 、Deactivation 、blackening.

2】Anodizing :


PAA (Phosphoric Acid) Anodizing 

PAA (Phosphoric Acid) Anodizing 、CAA (Chromic Acid Anodizing) 、BSAA (Boric –sulfuric acid Anodizing) 、SAA (Sulfuric acid Anodizing) 、TFSAA (Thin film sulfuric acid Anodizing) 、HCA (Hard coat Anodizing) 、THCA (Teflon Hard coat Anodizing) 、Passivation & Chem-Film .

3】Painting :

Chemical conversion coating, Powder Coating, Liquid painting,spray coating、UV painting.

4】Physical surface treatment :

Brushing、Sand blasting、Polishing、Laser Carving.