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  • Welding Parts

    Welding Parts

    High quality Precision sheet metal Welding parts welding fabrication,Precision sheet metal manufacturer/sheet metal fabrication 1、 Specification and Features 2 、 Packing 3、Our company 4、 Why us ?Read More

  • 3D Cutting Parts 3D

    3D Cutting Parts 3D

    Precision Customized 2D and 3D Laser Cutting parts Precision Square tube and round pipe CNC Laser Cutting cutting service 2、 Main Equipment List 3、Packing 4 、 Our workshop 5、 FAQ Question 1: What about the Delivery Time? Weldon's Answer: Normally, it is 15 to 20 days, (you know, it up to...Read More

  • Automobile Die-casting Parts

    Automobile Die-casting Parts

    OEM die casting car parts high quality automobile Parts & Accessories ,Precision machining manufacturer/Fabrication. 1、Specification and Features 2、 Manufacturing process 3、Packing and Shipping 4、Our company and equipment 5、Our advantage : 6、Some of my customersRead More

  • Mobile Phone Parts

    Mobile Phone Parts

    High precision mobile phone spare parts Volume Mute Power Buttons camera case aluminum parts,Precision CNC machining and sheet metal manufacturer/Fabrication. 1、 Specification 2 、 Packaging & Delivery 3、Manufacturing process 4、Working and equipments 5、Why choose OSBORNRead More

  • 2D Cutting Parts

    2D Cutting Parts

    Precision Custom CNC Laser Cutting Parts Laser cutting service,professional sheet metal fabrication 2、Packing 3、Main Equipments List 4、 Our company 5、 FAQ 1.who we are OSBORN TECHNOLOGY is a professional sheet metal manufacturer with 15 years experience.Located in Shenzhen,China,we have nearly...Read More

  • Deep Drawing Parts

    Deep Drawing Parts

    Precision custom sheet metal deep drawing stamping parts Precision sheet metal manufacturer fabrication. 1、 Specification 2、 Packaging & Delivery 3、Our Company 4、Manufacturing Process 5、Major equipment 6、FAQ 1.Q:Can you produce the products as customer designed? A:certainly! OEM/ODM service...Read More

  • Stamping Forming Parts

    Stamping Forming Parts

    Custom precision metal stamping forming parts sheet metal stamping Precision sheet metal manufacturer 1、 Specification 2、 Packaging & Delivery 3、 Our workshop 4、Manufacturing Process 5、Capabilities: 1. (1).CNC sheet metal parts 2. (2).The precision sheet metal fabrication 3. (3).The...Read More

  • CNC Bending Parts

    CNC Bending Parts

    Precision custom Metal CNC Bending Parts CNC bending service sheet metal fabrication. 2、 Main Equipments List 3、Packing and shipping 4、 Our company 5、 Our company Advantages: 1.We have professional engineering team for 15 years of experience in sheet metal fabrication,stainless steel,carbon...Read More

  • Camera Tripod Parts

    Camera Tripod Parts

    Top quality precision CNC machining camera tripod Parts three-way Adjustable parts,Precision CNC machining manufacturer/Fabrication. 1、 Specification 2、Features The item is a simple and durable three-way adjustable pivot arm, which is specially designed for GoPro HD HERO /HERO2 /HERO3 cameras....Read More

  • Precision Stamping Parts

    Precision Stamping Parts

    Precision custom sheet metal stamping parts terminal parts and fabrication service, Precision sheet metal manufacturer/ fabrication. 1、 Specification 2、 Packaging & Delivery 3、 Our Company 4、Manufacturing Process 5、Major equipment 6、Some of my customers 7、 FAQ Q: Are you a factory or trading...Read More