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Virtual Currency Is Popular! The Osborn's Bitcoin Miner Rig Metal Chassis Is Reintroduced By Investors!
- Sep 05, 2017 -


What is the most crazy currency in the world? The answer must be bitcoin ! From 2013 to the present, Bitcoin from the soaring, drooling, and then to the long, setbacks, do not say that we laymen, even the professionals, To the more confused, and do not say "block chain" this professional term, that is, this ups and downs of the price fluctuations are really people hoarding a rapid rescue heart pill. And now, and turned out to have a virtual currency - Ethereum! It has a more complex algorithm, more advanced technology, and ... people more blood indignation gains!

Since January 12, the currency has risen from $ 9.11 to $ 52.63 today. It soared 477% less than two months! Taoyu mining explosion up the state, so many miners have joined the graphics card mining army.

The miners who collect virtual money usually start a lot of graphics cards at the same time, but because of the limited board space, coupled with the full load temperature is very alarming, generally will use PCI-E extension line + rack to fix this batch of graphics, if you Despise this look too sloppy, then Osborn Technology design the Bitcoin Miner Rig Metal chassis must be your food.