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The Design Of Chassis Have Three Major Aspectsneeds To Change In The Development Of Industrial Computer Chassis
- Sep 17, 2017 -

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I believe a lot of peoples was know the components of industrial control chassis need to be carefully assembled from the design, the main purpose is to heat and protection, in some low temperature areas, industrial chassis have to do the appropriate work, Below Maike Si and we talk about the development of industrial chassis industry, the design needs to change what.

Industrial chassis design needs to change the three major directions:

1, industrial chassis material: With the increase in end users, in order to allow more users to use industrial control chassis, may be in the industrial chassis material above will do some adjustments, such as the chassis of some of the auxiliary parts into plastic material, so Can enhance the flexibility of the system.

2, design: In order to reflect the friendly user interface, to be based on the existing human and further human, at the same time, with the development of the industry, people use the product may be more emphasis on the appearance of the product style and color is fashion.

3, the use of space: the design is reasonable and directly affect the appearance of the body and the internal system of operation, so reasonable and meet the specifications of the design is able to get users and the market recognition.