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The 14th China Self-service & Kiosk Show
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Address : Shanghai New International Expo Centre;

Time : 2017.09 .15


Exhibits include:
1】, self-service products :
1, self-service terminal (KIOSK) and solutions, induction interactive information service terminal, service window intelligent management system, ATM bank self-help system; mobile phone and mobile payment device, self-service kiosk, ATM machine, touch screen one machine, self-service , Self-service credit card repayment, payment recharge, self-sale ticket, self-guided shopping guide / exhibition;
2, self-help entertainment / jukebox, self-help photo, photo self-help printing, coupon self-help printing, self-help lottery machine, queuing machine, called machine, self-service laundry, self-service package, buffet, self- Self-service, self-service, self-service, self-service, self-service, self-service, self-service, self-service, self-
3, self-service printing equipment, bills and bar code printing equipment, LCD touch screen, panel PC, contact solutions, industrial motherboards, self-service equipment, external components, monitors, central processing unit, keyboard, trackball, Telephone handset, video surveillance device, other peripheral products and accessories.
4, mobile payment terminal equipment supplier, pos machine, card reader, RFID technology, (NFC) technology, contact smart card, contactless smart card, dual interface card, magnetic stripe card, mobile payment module, mobile payment chip, radio frequency Chip, mobile payment RFID-SIM card reader, dual-band reader, wireless identification, wireless communication, two-dimensional code, electronic vouchers, electronic payment, etc. Financial / Metal Password Keyboard
5, currency recognition receiver, biometric identification input device, card reader, bar code scanner, check scanner, self-help change;
6, software developers, content developers, complete sets of equipment hardware suppliers, turnkey system suppliers, equipment rental business, communications / network connectivity technology, public Internet access technology, equipment maintenance and remote monitoring, technical support, integrated services, Industry consulting, publications, media.

2】vending machine products :
1, a variety of automatic piling system; beverage, food, coffee vending machines; drugs, condoms, cigarettes, newspaper vending machines; network vending machines;
Automatic printing shop, electronic shopping terminal, IC card vending machine, mobile ATM / POS, mobile banking, etc.
3, self-service drinking fountains, washing machines, coin-operated entertainment machines, charter flights, automatic sales of paper towels; self-service Shoufan card machines, entertainment jukebox, sports facilities, chargers, multi-function self-
(Such as: chassis, power box, motor, electromagnet, spring, goods, buttons, etc.) and ancillary products; (3) digital image self-help system; coin, paper currency identification system; vending machine parts
5, coffee vending machines, espresso machines, coffee baking, grinding, brewing and distribution equipment, coffee pots, coffee roasters, coffee packaging materials and equipment;
6, short distance communication terminal, short distance wireless communication chip, short distance wireless data transmission module, Bluetooth transmission system
7, self-service products operating services companies, food and beverage suppliers, vending machine dedicated product suppliers, the relevant certification bodies, related media, magazines and websites. The