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Sheet Metal Products Appearance Processing Technology - Laser Engraving
- Jul 11, 2017 -


Product design is diverse, texture is one of the factors that affect the appearance of the product, different textures can bring different styles and feelings, the following we look at laser engraving technology.

    The use of numerical control technology as the basis, the laser for the processing medium. Metal materials in the laser irradiation under the moment of melting and gasification of the physical denaturation, so as to achieve the purpose of processing. Through the laser engraving machine using laser engraving technology, vector graphics can be easily "printed" to the processing of the substrate. The technical advantages are:

    ① precision: the smallest surface of the material line width can reach 0.015mm, and non-contact processing, will not cause product deformation;

    ② high efficiency: in the shortest possible time to get new products in kind, many varieties of small quantities only need to change the vector file can be;

    ③ special processing: to meet the special processing needs, can be processed on the surface or inclined surface;

    ④ environmental protection and energy conservation: no pollution, does not contain any harmful substances, higher than the export environmental requirements.

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