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Osborne Analytical The Cost Of Sheet Metal Processing
- Aug 30, 2017 -

How to calculate the cost in the process of sheet metal processing? Quotation is mainly due to the cost of materials plus processing costs. Osborn Technology Group Limited. is a design and manufacture as a professional sheet metal processing and CNC machining enterprises, we will always stand in the customer's point of view to consider the problem.

1】Material cost :

Expand the drawings of parts, calculate the length of the expansion of parts, this is the basis of costs;

metal plate.jpg

2】Processing costs :

This is the main cost, I have a detailed description of the following:

A, with a CNC punch or laser cutting the cost of cutting, processing a hole how much money, how long how long pruning;

B, the cost of bending, how long the length of bending;

C, the cost of riveting rivets;

D, the cost of spot welding, according to different materials and different number of calculation;

E, the cost of welding, according to different materials in inches;

F, if the surface treatment should also be calculated, such as electroplating, painting, printing and so on;

G, packaging costs, freight and other expenses.

sheet metal processing.jpg