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How To Improve The Processing Efficiency Of Sheet Metal Processing Equipment
- Jul 14, 2017 -

With the continuous promotion of intelligent manufacturing, manufacturing is the rapid pace of rapid development, automation and more and more into the sheet metal processing industry. Our sheet metal industry management and technical personnel through the play, carry forward the spirit of the great artisans, but also continue to go beyond the self, enhance the technical and management capabilities for the sheet metal manufacturing and even the great cause of the revitalization of our efforts to contribute. Advanced processing equipment to promote the overall production efficiency, while reducing the scrap rate, product quality is also greatly improved. Through the introduction of advanced equipment on the overall sheet metal production benefits are many, as follows:

1. safe operation.

The use of advanced processing equipment, due to equipment, man-machine engineering and safety protection measures in place, personal injury and safety incidents to zero, very good to avoid the other common sheet metal equipment open production easily vulnerable to personal safety problems.

2. Material and equipment utilization increased.

Due to factors such as consideration of material utilization factors and no queuing, waiting, sequencing and bottleneck processes in the production process, the utilization rate of materials increased from 82% to 92%, and the utilization rate of equipment increased from 60% to 88% %, Greatly reducing the cost of production.

3. Personnel optimization.

The original sheet metal processing process single flow single class at least need to cut, red, fold 3 operations each one operation, the use of advanced equipment, the scene in addition to the programmer and logistics up and down the order of turnover, quality inspection and support staff by frequency check And turnover, reducing the staffing staff, to enhance the 200% per capita production efficiency, each person can operate the original two of the work. At the same time through the company's internal and external training, sheet metal operators with more than 80% of the operation of more than two processes of multi-capable capacity.

4. Quality improvement.

The original process of the process is only responsible for the quality of their own processes, prone to substandard goods, a lot of manual feed due to human factors and mold factors products without interchangeability, the surface is not clean up the burrs, , Deformation and many other factors affecting the quality control, quality is not controllable. The use of advanced equipment after the corresponding step by step process, the process of product control products are used to ensure precision machining to ensure consistency and high processing accuracy.

5. Efficiency improvement.

Speed up the production of the beat, the original use of common cutting plate, the number of red, bending, the process due to capacity accounting, equipment, personnel operations, tooling and other factors can not be completely unified, waiting in line, delivery, Time is too long, affecting and extending the production cycle, the production value stream and bottleneck process improvement, there are many problems, often found that the problem has not yet been processed, there are new problems, bottlenecks and production of fire fighting problem is very much.