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How To Improve The Processing Accuracy Of CNC Machine Tools For Temperature Problems
- Jul 17, 2017 -


1, in the machine selection, pay attention to whether it meets the international standard ISO230-2 and the national standard GB10931-89.

2, is the machine parts control sliding bearings should try to use better wear resistance of the bearings, thus ensuring the dynamic accuracy of the machine.

3, to try to control the heat source to reduce the workshop, even if there is a heat source, it should try to stay away from the machine tool spindle. But also to strengthen the cooling function, such as the use of metal processing fluid lubrication cold. Take away the heat generated in the processing, reduce the degree of thermal deformation of equipment and parts. But the use of metal processing fluid cooling lubrication to pay attention to the need to use high-quality CNC cutting fluid. As the CNC speed is relatively fast, high-speed operation will produce a lot of foam, will affect the processing, so to take into account the cutting fluid defoaming performance; In addition, CNC processing steps are more cars, milling, drilling, grinding And so on, so to take into account the fullness of cutting fluid and other issues.