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Five-axis CNC Machining Features
- Jul 17, 2017 -


With the increasingly mature domestic CNC technology, in recent years, five-axis CNC machining machine in various fields has been more and more widely used. In practical applications, when people encounter complex parts of high efficiency, high-quality processing problems, the five-axis linkage technology is undoubtedly an important means to solve such problems. More and more manufacturers tend to find five-axis equipment to meet the high efficiency, high-quality processing. But are you really enough to understand five axes?

        Want to really understand the five-axis machining, first of all we have to do is to understand what is the five-axis machine. 5 Axis Machining (5 Axis Machining), as the name implies, refers to the X, Y, Z, three common linear axis with two rotary axes. A, B, C three axes in the two rotary shafts have different modes of movement to meet the technical needs of various products. In the mechanical design of the 5-axis machining center, machine tool manufacturers are always committed to developing new modes of motion to meet a variety of requirements.