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Outdoor Telecom Cabinets

Outdoor Telecom Cabinets

IP65 outdoor telecom cabinet IT network Cabinets , Precision sheet metal manufacturer/fabrication 1、 Specification and Features -- outdoor cabinet IP 65 network telecom cabinet Application : Outdoor equipment cabinet is a kind of comprehensive outdoor products, designed for customer actual...

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IP65 outdoor telecom cabinet IT network Cabinets , Precision sheet metal manufacturer/fabrication

1、Specification and Features--outdoor cabinet IP65 network telecom cabinet

Application :

Outdoor equipment cabinet is a kind of comprehensive outdoor products, designed for customer actual application environment and equipment working conditions .It is mainly used on occasions of Telecommunication and other wide range application.

The standard equipment includes 19” mounting rack, temperature management system, cable entry glands and grounding hardware, assisted door sensor, environment monitoring system, and so on. Active equipment, power system, optical fiber and power distribution system may be installed. Special engineering and additional equipment integration is also available. It provides an ideal, reliable and economical working platform for telecom broadband access network and other kinds of networks.


Feature :

1. The products are basically divided into three types according to temperature management system: fan,heat exchanger and air conditioner

2.  The product has a full-weather protective function with anti-rain and snow, anti-wind storm and anti-theft function.

3.  The cabinet body can be made of galvanized steel, magnesium aluminum zinc coat steel, stainless steel with anti-corrosion, anti-UV properties.

4.  The cabinet body is of double layer structure, there is heat insulate material between the inner and outer layer.

5.  The cabinet features reasonable space layout, compact structure and excellent environmental sealing properties, IP65.

6.  Equipment compartment, distribution compartment is of standard 19" mounting rack, suitable for various 19" equipments.

7.  Set separate battery compartment, prevent the equipment from harmful gas erosion.

8.  Air intake unit has pest and dust proof function, convenient to clean.

9.  Highlighted LED lamp is optional, facilitate maintenance and management at night.

10.  Power distribution unit (with SPD) and power socket.

11.  Monitoring system is optional, realize remote monitor of environment, power, door sensor in cabinet.

12. operating temperature range:-40°C~+55°C

13. relative humidity:5%~99%.

14. atmospheric pressure:62kpa~101kpa(similar to height above sea level 0m~5000m)

15. total radiation intensity :1120×(1±10%)W/m2



19" equipment compartment(U)

Distribution compartment(U)






Air conditioner





Heat exchanger






Above specification is for reference, products can be customized according to customer's requirement.

outdoor network cabinet (telecommunication)

1)Cabinet materials: high-quality aluminum alloy and zinc sheet

2)Adapts to frame design of "Sandwich"

3)Covered with magnesium and good capability of preservation

4)Introduces the four-point latch-up structure to strengthen safety of cabinet

5)Thermal insulating material enchased in component

6)Can prevent conductive heat like outdoor ultraviolet radiation from infiltrating into the cabinet effectively

7)Select professional air conditioner with modulation of constant temperature, humidity and  8)setting of heating to ensure cabinet is provided with best operating environment

9)Inside is composed of standard 19-inch frame

10)Temperature management, control system, power supply system, entrance guard,     11)environment supervisory system and wiring unit module

12)Cabinet meets the requirements of IP65 level of protection

2、Packing  & Delivery 

3、Our company and equipments :


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