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Double Doors Distribution Board

Double Doors Distribution Board

Double door IP65 stainless waterproof distribution board distribution box electrical control cabinet , Precision sheet metal manufacturer/ fabrication 1、 Specification and Features 2、Product Description 1,The waterproof Stainless Steel Wall Mount Enclosure from corrosion, carries superior...

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Product Details

Double door IP65 stainless waterproof distribution board  distribution box electrical control cabinet , Precision sheet metal manufacturer/ fabrication


1、Specification and Features


Item Name

IP 65 stainless waterproof distribution board,Outdoor distribution board/ box/cabinet



SUS304 ,AISI316



Distribution Box, Switch Box


Rated frequency



Protection degree



Finishing Available

Powder coated


External Size






Delivery Time

10 --15 days


Payment Terms

T/T,L/C,West union,etc

2、Product Description

1,The  waterproof Stainless Steel Wall Mount Enclosure from  corrosion, carries superior insulation.

2,The waterproof stainless steel switch box has passed waterproof and dustproof carried out under rigid quality standards.(IP 66) 

3,The use is also convenient for the installation of Terminal Substitution Rail, Button Box, Small Terminal, Signal , Relay and Sensor , Communication and joint Box etc.

4.High  waterproof stainless steel switch enclosure series, new imported materials , no recycled material.Good strength. Can do transparent and opaque or PC material , with corresponding mounting plate for choice.

3、Products advantage 

1.Use :Indoor and outdoor electrical , Communicate and fire equipment, Iron making & Steel making , Stone oil chemical, electronic plants......

2.Better material:  High quality thermoplastic ABS or poly carbonate (PC) or choose materials that subject to customers' reference.( No corrosive, anti static, better insulation )

3.Thickness of the box:the thinnest part has an average thickness of 1.2 mm

4.Identification: CE ,IP66

5.Installment: Inner install  and outer install

6.Access hole:the position and size of holes can be processed  according to the customers' requests;we have  assorted  waterproof joints,  terminal blocks and mounting base plates for your reference.

7.Humanized design 

4、Packing & shipping

5、Qur company

6、Our company Advantages:

1. We have professional engineering team for 15 years of experience in sheet metal fabrication,stainless steel,carbon steel and acrylic products.

2. We have extremely well equipped CNC machines to provide customized solutions to meet clients’ metal products needs.

3. Clients come first has always been our service core.

4. We can not only produce clients metal products but also combine other manufacturers’ resources together to provide a convenient one-stop service.

5. High quality, good service, competitive pricing,short lead time and quick response have been our company primary factors in our continued further years.

6.  We can provide fabrication, deep drawing, machining, welding and assembly

7. Providing samples with important dimensions and customizing inspection report, material certification to customer for validation and verification

8. We can working in a variety of drawing formats: Pro/E , solld works, Cimatron, AutoCAD and so on

OSBORN, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers, is specialized in the double doors distribution board fabrication. In order to cater to customers requirement, our factory also offers customized service. Should you are interested in it, welcome to contact us.